Did you know that recycling doesn’t end at the bin? When you buy products with recycled content, you’re giving your recyclables new life. Every time you go shopping, you can reduce waste and support US jobs by purchasing items made with recycled materials.

Recycled products are all around you. Pledge to buy a recycled item on your next shopping trip.  Continue to recycle and help complete the recycling circle!

The Buy Recycled campaign is a program of the Foundation for Plastic Recycling, the philanthropic arm of the Association of Plastic Recyclers.

Take the #BuyRecycledNow Challenge

Take the Buy Recycled challenge!

Join in the movement by sharing your recycled products with #BuyRecycledNow!

People across the country are taking up the call to choose recycled products. Check out the photo gallery to see for yourself!

Why buy recycled?

Learn more about how recycling benefits everyone with the free resources below.

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